Terms and Conditions for Advertisement

Advertising in Earth Collective Magazine

Part 1 : What does your business gain

  • Earth Collective Magazine is the first magazine dedicated solely to promoting businesses, initiatives and actions who act in Stewardship for the Earth, that is, in respect and restoration of the water, air, soil and biodiversity our survival depends on.
  • Earth Collective Magazine provides you with the opportunity to advertise and showcase your Stewardship to locals, businesses, visitors and tourists.
  • Earth Collective Magazine is distributed to 5000 addresses in Upper Clutha. It is also delivered to businesses, cafes, retail, accommodations as well as collection points in Wanaka, Lake Hawea, Luggate, Makarora and Tarras. Earth Collective Magazine is also made available online for free after reaching letter boxes.
  • When you advertise with us, you are supporting the uptake of Stewardship for the Earth
  • It is simple, less expensive than other local advertising options and more importantly, you are part of a movement!

Earth Collective Magazine is an all colour A5 size (210 x 148mm) magazine, printed on 100% sustainable paper with vegetable inks (you can compost it!).
Joining is done online only on earthcollectivenz.org and will be considered upon payment. Once paid, there is no cancellation nor refund possible.

An Earth Collective consultant will contact you shortly after your first ads –then yearly- for a FREE ½ hour consultation to help you on your path towards Stewardship.

Part 2 : Seven Stewardship Awards™ for business

Earth Collective Aotearoa Ltd has designed the Seven Stewardship Awards™ to accelerate our community uptake of Stewardship for the Earth.

As you achieve Awards of Stewardship, we’ll add the corresponding icon to your advertisement in the EC Magazine.

Earth Collective Aotearoa Limited endeavours to provide items (shown below with a *) to facilitate the achievement of stewardship in our shop and gladly accept sponsorships and donations to quicken their availability.

Earth Collective Aotearoa Limited can refer you to specialists to help you achieve your Stewardship Awards.

We rely on trust as to whether your business deserves an Award of Stewardship.

Criteria Business Icon
Designed to accelerate our community uptake of Stewardship for the Earth Icon are displayed in the Earth Collective Magazine near the company name. To be eligible for an Icon, a business needs to abide by the all criteria in each box below.
  Recycling award

Avoid and recycle all plastics and paper

Recycle with WWB Call Bis: (03) 443 8606 Ext 5 or email

No plastic bag giveaway

Recycled take-away containers

Encourage customers to bring their own containers

  Earth friendly Award

Cleaning products, healthcare products, recycled paper products

Use Eco friendly cleaning products* throughout the business, incl soap etc.

Post-consumer recycled paper towels, toilet paper, napkins*

Post-consumer paper incl. printing for computers*

CarboNZero printing with Ricoh Contact Heartland Wanaka Laura Carr 03 443 6019

  Water Saving Award

Saving water and dechlorinating water thereby cleaning it for your health  and the Earth

Install water filters to remove chlorine*

Install water saving taps*

Measure water use*

  Ethical Award

Bank Divestment, Fair trade and/or

Organic products

Social Action

Switch to Kiwibank the only New Zealand bank that doesn’t invest in fossil fuels in NZ .

Fairtrade or organic tea, sugar, etc. throughout the business

Current Sustainability statement

  Energy friendly award

Use and save renewable energy

Switch to LED lights*

Switch to Ecotricity energy provider, NZ’s ONLY CarbonZero  certified, 100% renewable electricity. Mention Earth Collective when you call to contribute to a local community energy project.

Pledge to install solar panels or invest in the local energy project.

  Environmental Award

Gardening with earth-friendly products

Volunteer with environmental  local groups

Volunteer 8 hours/staff/year to Te Kakano or other local environmental group (list below)

Use only earth friendly products for the business plants and outside gardens (ie. Approved in organic agriculture, eg. BioGro NZ)

  Transport award

Reduce fossil use in transportation  car sharing, biking, Electric cars

Active transport policy for staff commuting: eg. car sharing, biking, shuttles, video conferencing, tele-meeting, etc.

Pledge that the next vehicle your business will purchase will be an electric car or electric bike.

Stewardship Award

All icon/ flags won!

We organise a “ceremony” to celebrate your stewardship and mention you in Earth Collective Magazine (article or free ad).


Local Environmental Groups who seek volunteers

Te Kakano Aotearoa undertakes plant propagation, community planting and weeding in Wanaka and throughout the Upper Clutha.  For more information check out the role description here or email info@tekakano.org.nz.

Touchstone citizen lake monitoring project – weekly water monitoring https://www.touchstone.org.nz/

Diamond Lake Restoration Trust – A group running a predator control programme trapping introduced mammals at Diamond Lake near Wanaka.  Contact Jim Miller jim.wanaka@gmail.com.

Don’t Chuck your Muck Not for profit organisation whose aim is to eliminate litter and rubbish thrown from vehicles onto road sides, parks and walkways https://www.facebook.com/DontChuckYourMuck/

Lindis Pass Conservation Group – A group undertaking, weed control and restoration initiatives adjoining the Lindis Pass State Highway near Tarras. Contact solem@xtra.co.nz or check out the role description here.

Part 3 : Price Options

The entire magazine is in colour and advertising options come in all sizes as in the table below.

Ad type Size in mm (minimum for Print Ready) Price in NZ$ (excl. GST) Inside cover price (excl. GST)
Purple Ad     Full page 138 x 195mm 800.00 1200.00
Blue Ad        1/2 page
(Horizontal or vertical)
138 x 95mm
or 66 x 195mm
400.00 600.00
Green Ad     1/4 page (Horizontal or vertical) 138 x 45mm
or 66 x 95mm
200.00 300.00
Yellow Ad     1/8 page 66 x 45 mm 100.00 150.00
Orange Ad     1/16 page 66 x 20mm 40.00 60.00
Red Ad         Strip Ad 138 x 20mm 100.00 150.00
We design your ad 30.00 30.00
Line ads Max 50 words 10.00 N/A
Stewardship Events Max 50 words Free N/A
Write in EC Magazine Free N/A

You may provide your own Print Ready design (file supplied at minimum 300dpi) or we design it with the information you give in the template (add $30 +GST) .

The template contain, depending on size:

  • your Company name and contact details,
  • your logo,
  • the icons of Stewardship you have gained,
  • a 100-word text describing your business and how you are a Steward for the Earth,
  • 2 vertical images,
  • and a special offer.

Part 4: Legal

You are responsible for the content of your Advertisement. For example, we will not be responsible if you entered your details and website address incorrectly and therefore do not gain the benefits of your ad.

We will moderate each advertisement to check that it is legal as in the NZ Advertising Standards Authority Code of Practice http://www.asa.co.nz/codes/. If it doesn’t comply, we will let you know.

Earth Collective reserves the right to not publish ads or any content, if it is not in line with Earth Collective mission and values.

We can send a print-ready proof prior to publication on demand.

Ads must be received and paid 2 weeks (14 days) prior to delivery. For example, the September issue of EC Magazine will be delivered on Wednesday 5th September. The ads must be received and paid for by Wednesday 22nd August at 5pm. Click here for the dates for next issue.

If we publish the magazine and fail to include your ad, our liability is limited to the cost of the ad and will be covered by publishing the ad for free in the next magazine.

The Icons will be awarded by Earth Collective Aotearoa Ltd based on the trust that you have met the criteria you have declared on the website. However, Earth Collective Ltd reserves the right to occasionally monitor that you are adhering to these criteria by checking with suppliers and visiting your premises to check your compliance to your declaration.

We reserve the right to update the Terms and Conditions as we find necessary.

Enough legal blah, let’s take care of the Earth together and have fun!