Local Steward Groups

There are many groups in Upper Clutha who work in Stewardship for the Environment. Getting actively involved with one of them will bring you closer to the Environmental Award.


Groups seeking volunteers

Te Kakano Aotearoa undertake plant propagation, community planting and weeding in Wanaka and throughout the Upper Clutha.

Touchstone citizen lake monitoring project – weekly water monitoring

Diamond Lake Restoration Trust – A group running a predator control programme trapping introduced mammals at Diamond Lake near Wanaka.  Contact Jim Miller jim.wanaka@gmail.com.

Don’t Chuck your Muck Not for profit organisation whose aim is to eliminate litter and  rubbish thrown from vehicles onto road sides, parks and walkways https://www.facebook.com/DontChuckYourMuck/

Lindis Pass Conservation Group – A group undertaking, weed control and restoration initiatives adjoining the Lindis Pass State Highway near Tarras.  For more information, contact solem@xtra.co.nz.


These groups also work in Stewardship for the planet

Local Food Wanaka organise events, in particular the successful Autumn Apple Drive

Plastic Free Wanaka leads the plastic free campaign in Wanaka, and sells bags, bottles etc to help you make a change

Central Otago Forest and Bird organises talks, trips and volunteer days.

Hawea Flat Food Forest

Friends of Wanaka Wastebusters are the guardian of the Wastebuster Company created by the community in 1995.

Alpine Lakes Research and Education Centre

Wanaka Timebank, connects people to provide and receive services out of the monetary paradigm.

Email florence@earthcollectivenz.org if you want your group listed here.