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Earth Collective is a national project debuting in Wanaka to make it the FIRST Low Carbon, Low Waste and 100% Renewable Electricity town in New Zealand.
Our intention is to create a place in Wanaka, including:
  • The Earth Collective shop supplying bulk organic foods, local produce, affordable LED lights, eco-cleaning products (refill station), collective purchases of solar panels, water saving devices etc. and everything we need to make the transition to a sustainable lifestyle easy and affordable
  • a Maori cultural learning centre
  • a space for Upper Clutha community eco-groups (Eg. Plastic Bag Free Wanaka) for meetings, workshops, information, petition booth and more…
To achieve this, we need $30,000 as start up money to secure the lease, to set up the shop and purchase the first stock. An initial fundraising campaign in November raised about half of this amount.
We need more! To all our friends who care for the planet and want to help, options are:
  • Donate $30 or more NOW
  • Contribute $100 or more NOW and we offer to reimburse the amount in a year
  • Invest $1000 or more NOW and we offer to reimburse the amount with 10% interest in a year
  • $10,000 Steward Investment

Check out the FAQ or contact for more information or call 021 027 92 481.

Thank you for contributing to a pioneering change-making movement for the planet.

5 thoughts on “Donate or Invest Now!

  1. Can you set up a crowdfunding account? That way there is the clause set where we get our money back if not enough funds are raised. Why is this so late in the day? I imagine people would want more information on the likelihood of your proposal being viable before donating. Love the idea but needs clarifying!

    1. Hi Emma,
      Thank you for your interest and for your excellent questions.
      We chose not to create a crowdfunding account such as pledgeme or givealittle because they take respectively 6.5% and 5% of the donations.
      If not enough funds are raised and Earth Collective does not get the lease for the fire house, then we will continue and work to set up the project somewhere else in town.
      Yes I realise it’s late, it is because the lease proposal needs to be in by Thursday.
      Earth Collective is going to take off but we need help to start. Our cashflow forecast shows a first year profit of $103.000 after tax. Note that this profit will be reinvested in the project, it is a social entreprise with no dividend.

    1. Yes, it has been purchased by Ngai Tahu and they are seeking expressions of interest for lease. We have met with the leasing agents, Colliers International, at the property and they are supporting our lease proposal, provided we show a healthy bank account. Fair enough! Hence the campaign…
      We are also actively seeking large investors. Do you know any local philanthropist interested in our planet and maori tikanga?
      Thanks for the support!

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