Awards of Stewardship

Designed to accelerate our community uptake of stewardship for the Earth, here are 7 steps, 7 Awards of Stewardship. When a business or household has earned their 7 awards, they are actually sustainable.  When we, as a community, have all obtained these awards, then we will be a sustainable community. Earth Collective Awards of Stewardship support the Sustainable Development Goals

Criteria Business Icon
Designed to accelerate our community uptake of Stewardship for the Earth Icon are displayed in the Earth Collective Magazine below the company name. To be eligible for an Icon, a business needs to abide by the all criteria in each box below.
  Recycling award

Avoid and recycle all plastics and paper

  Earth friendly Award

Cleaning products, healthcare products, recycled paper products

  • Use Eco friendly cleaning products* throughout the business, incl soap etc.
  • Post-consumer recycled paper towels, toilet paper, napkins*
  • Post-consumer paper incl. printing for computers*
  • CarboNZero printing with Ricoh Contact Heartland Wanaka
  Water Saving Award

Saving water and dechlorinating water thereby cleaning it for your health  and the Earth

  • Install water filters to remove chlorine*
  • Install water saving taps*
  • Measure water use*
  Ethical Award

Bank Divestment, Fair trade and/or Organic products
Social Action

  Energy friendly award

Use and save renewable energy

  • Switch to LED lights*
  • Switch to Ecotricity energy provider, NZ’s ONLY CarbonZero  certified, 100% renewable electricity. Mention Earth Collective when you call to contribute to a local community energy project.
  • Pledge to install solar panels or invest in the local energy project.
  Environmental Award

Gardening with earth-friendly products
Volunteer with environmental  local groups

  • Volunteer 8 hours/staff/year to Te Kakano or other local environmental group (list here)
  • Use only earth friendly products for the business plants and outside gardens (ie. Approved in organic agriculture, eg. BioGro NZ)
  Transport award

Reduce fossil use in transportation  car sharing, biking, Electric cars

  • Active transport policy for staff commuting: eg. car sharing, biking, shuttles, video conferencing, tele-meeting, etc.
  • Pledge that the next vehicle your business will purchase will be an electric car or electric bike.
Stewardship Award

All icon/ flags won!

We organise a “ceremony” to celebrate your stewardship and mention you in our EC monthly (article or free ad).

* Earth Collective Aotearoa Limited endeavours to provide these products as soon as possible in our planned affordable organic store. We gladly accept sponsorships and donations to quicken their availability.

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