The Story

Created in August 2017, Earth Collective Aotearoa is a social enterprise, enabling businesses and people in a community, to live healthily and safely together now and into the future. All profits are reinvested in the company.


By 2021, the Wanaka community has fully implemented an environmentally respectful lifestyle.


  • Respecting and recognising our place in Te Ao Mārama – our interconnected Earth – and acting as environmental stewards
  • 100% renewable electricity consumption by 2021 (transportation by 2030)
  • 50% locally produced (within 100km) food consumption by 2021
  • Persistent pollutant free & single use plastic free by 2021
  • 100% carbon neutral through local restorative offsets by 2021
  • Conscientious shift to ethical consumerism, lifestyle and business by 2021

Earth Collective has designed the Awards of Stewardship to accelerate the community uptake of these goals. They support the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDG).

Strategy – We do this by:

  • Earth Collective Magazine: An environmentally friendly printed magazine connecting people and their sustainable lifestyle practices while enabling businesses to showcase their activity and their stewardship progress
  • Earth Collective Home: A place where people purchase essential eco goods and services and learn and discuss how to be resilient and sustainable.
  • Earth Collective Flags: A campaign to encourage each other to make a difference now in our lives.

Who we are

2 very committed Wanaka residents! We love this place and want to preserve it and we are helping all of us preserve it!
Flo and the paradise ducklingsMorgan

Florence Micoud         &      Morgan Knoesen