Earth Collective Shop

Our shop makes it easy and affordable to take practical steps towards a more resilient, safe and affordable way of life. We offer:

Bulk foods: Flours, rices, lentils, oats. Bring your container, you weigh it and only pay for what you buy, no waste!

Eco-cleaning selection: laundry, dishwash, shampoo, multi-purpose cleaner. Bring your own bottle and refill from NZ leading eco-product brand.

Local Produce: We sell garden produce on your behalf. Bring your extra garden production and receive money for it.

LED lights: stock up at an affordable price and lower your energy bill from just 4 sorts:

  • Bayonet warm cosy
  • Bayonet warm bright
  • Screw warm cosy
  • Screw warm bright

Find all the other ones in usual stores!

Water saving shower heads and water dechlorinating filters. They are easy to find online but we have to add freight cost each time. By buying a pallet of them, they become affordable.

Collective purchases: we collect interest from people for large items or services and negociate wholesale price. For example, we find 100 clients who want solar panels and the installer agrees to a negociated better price. It is a win for people (affordable solar panels), a win for the installer (no need to find clients) and a win for the planet. Win-Win-Win!

Overtime, we will sell many other bulk items.

Tell us what else do you want to buy in bulk from your store?