Line Ad

Get your line ad published in Earth Collective monthly: $11.50 GST incl. for up to 50 words and choose your section (General, Employment, Trades and Services, Food).  Please check the closing date for next issue here.

To Place your Line Ad:

  1. Fill in the form below and Submit
  2. Then click on the blue button to pay (and choose options)

Once submitted, please click the blue button below to pay your Line Ad.

You can publish your line Ad up to three times in one magazine.

  • One 50 words ad is $10 (GST excl.)
  • Two 50 words ad is $20 (GST excl.)
  • Three 50 words ad is $30 (GST excl.)

If you have specific needs, please email your request to and we’ll make our best to adjust to your requirements. Example: You need more than 50 words or you want to place a recurring order.

We initially accept line ads and advertising about any and every subject but when space becomes a constraint, we will privilege Stewardship for the Earth related ads.