Galvanizing support

Latest update as of 14th December 2017!

Two Good News about the Earth Collective project!
1- New deadline for the fire house lease: Monday 18th. Four more days!
2- We have exceeded half of our goal today and trust we can make it with everyone support. 

We are fundraising for opening the Earth Collective Store in Wanaka.

  • a shop that offers affordable organic food by bulk,  local produce, an eco-cleaning products refill station, bulk orders of LED lights, solar panels, electric cars and everything we need for Wanaka to become the first carbon-neutral, waste-free, environmentally-friendly lifestyle town in New Zealand.
  • a space for the local Maori cultural centre and eco-groups (Eg. Plastic Bag Free Wanaka) with information, workshops, meeting space, petition booth and more…

So contribute NOW to be part of this great project !

We received hundreds of supporting messages on Facebook, by email, phone calls and in person. It is hugely appreciated and motivating for us.

We warmly thank everyone who has contributed already to reach the amount on our goal gage, just above a third of our goal, so the fundraising continues.

Phone Florence 021 027 92481 if you want any clarification.

Donating or Investing in Earth Collective Aotearoa Ltd startup.

If you pay $30 to $99, we thank you warmly for your donation.

If you contribute between $100 and $1000, Earth Collective will send you an acknowledgement and thank you letter. When the business grows and makes profit, if you wish we can reimburse you.

If you invest more than a $1000, then EC will send you an acknowledgement and thank you letter. You can choose to make it a donation towards making Wanaka the FIRST carbon-neutral, zero-waste and sustainable lifestyle town in New Zealand. We offer to reimburse you with a 10% interest when the business grows and makes profit.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Do we reimburse if we do not reach our target?

A: No, we intend to continue and raise funds and set up the Earth Collective store in Wanaka.

Q: What is the likelyhood of your project being viable?

A: Earth Collective is going to take off but we need help to start. Our cashflow forecast shows a first year profit of $103.000 after tax. Note that this profit will be reinvested in the project, it is a social enterprise with no dividend.

Q: How can I pay?

A: You can make a bank transfer of any amount to our bank account to EARTH COLLECTIVE AOTEAROA LIMITED Kiwibank account 38-9019-0024927-00. Email to give your details if you haven’t done so via the website.

Or you can pay $30, $100 or $1000 with your credit card Visa, MasterCard or AmericanExpress via our website.

Click here to know more about Earth Collective Aotearoa Ltd and its Directors Florence Micoud and Morgan Knoesen.

Please contact or phone 021 02792481 for any further question.


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