Introducing our Icons of Stewardship

We have created seven icons of Stewardship for an award scheme designed to accelerate our community uptake of stewardship for the Earth.


Stewardship Icons
1 EC Icon Recycling Award
Avoid and recycle all plastics and paper
2 EC Icon Earth friendly Award
Cleaning products, healthcare products, recycled paper products
3 EC Icon Water Saving Award
Saving water and de-chlorinating water thereby cleaning it for your health  and the Earth
4 EC Icon Ethical Award
Bank Divestment, Fair trade and/or Organic products, Maori tikanga, Social Action
5 EC Icon Energy friendly Award
Use and save renewable energy
6 EC Icon Environmental Award
Gardening with earth-friendly products, volunteer with environmental local groups
 7 EC Icon Transport award
Reduce fossil use in transportation  car sharing, biking, Electric cars

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